Varicose Veins – Is Tennis and Weight Lifting A Factor?

This question was asked by one of our staff members. We found some interesting answers in Google Answers which are show here:

Does doing weight lifting or tennis cause vericose veins for women?
What are the other factors that cause this? Are there effective
remeies to vericose veins?

Response: Our veins bring blood back to the heart from the rest of the body. Varicose veins form when weak or damaged valves permit blood to flow backward; as the blood builds up and pools inside, the vein begins to swell. The dark bluish color is caused by the normal depletion of oxygen in venous blood which is returning to the heart (arterial blood which comies from the heart is bright red.)

Small varicose veins called spider veins often appear on the surface
of the legs, and varicose veins can also form deeper in the legs,
where they can cause problems with circulation. In addition to the
legs, varicose veins may also form elsewhere in the body; when they are located in the anal area they are called hemorrhoids. Although varicose veins can be unsightly and can cause pain, they are very common (nearly 50% of middle-aged adults have them) and are usually not dangerous. However, since all varicose veins have the potential for serious complications, they should be examined by a physician. Keep in mind that, although we can assist you with general information, Google Answers is not a source of authoritative medical advice.

Response: “Exercise that works the legs, such as walking, biking, or jogging, strengthens your leg muscles and helps pump blood toward the heart.
This prevents pooling, reduces varicose veins, and helps ease any
pain. Avoid sports like weight lifting, though. These can increase
pressure on the legs and make varicose veins worse.”

Health: What You Need to Know About Varicose Veins

While aerobic exercise is generally beneficial for patients with
varicose veins, some doctors warn against “high impact” sports such as tennis. Almost all vein clinics caution patients not to engage in vigorous, pavement-pounding forms of exercise after vein treatments, lest the varicosities worsen.

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